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List of works in reversed chronological order. Follow links for scores and recordings/documentation. Parts, fixed media files and live electronics codes are available upon request or on GitHub


miniature opera project #3 “The Shopping List” (2023)

table-top miniature opera for voice and fixed media (stereo audio on headphones, polystyrene, Plexiglas, magnets, electronic components, and multicolored mini beanbags) - in preparation

“La Solitudine delle Moltitudini (The Solitude of the Multitudes)” (2023)

electroacoustic cantata for 16 female voices on fixed media (21’),  for the exhibition “The art of connection”, by BarábasiLab: Alice Grishchenko, Gabor Klitzinger (video art), A.-Laszlo Barabasi (artistic and scientific director).


“I am not a robot, am I?” (2022)

networked soundspace, interactive electroacoustic sound installation (4-channel audio) by SoniLab – SoniLab is the University of North Texas College of Music data sonification laboratory led by Marco Buongiorno Nardelli (creative director and composer), with Garrison Gerard, Chris Poovey, Patrick Reed, Benjamin Shirey and Okan Yaşarlar (composers and sound designers) - for the installation Fake News Apostles by BarábasiLab: Gabor Klitzinger (video art), A.-Laszlo Barabasi (artistic and scientific director). 


"Requiem Between a Barrel and a Heart" (2022)

for instrumental samples and voice recordings on fixed media, FM radio transmitters and transistor radios, (infinite duration) – in collaboration with Pedram Baldari (sculpture/performance art). 


miniature opera project #2 "The Messengers" (2019)

CosmOpera for voices, fixed media (multichannel audio), and cosmic rays (variable duration)


miniature opera project #1 "UNKNOWN a journey" (2018)

for voices and fixed media (four channel audio, polystyrene, plexiglas, electronic components and orange beanbags) (variable duration)


ENSEMBLES (w/wo electronics)

B-A-B-E-L (Helefini Otea Agoninisconi) (2022)

for string(s) instrument(s) and voice on fixed media, (8:00)

SCORE, RECORDING Mia Detwiler, violin; J. Andrew Smith, voice.

L'Indifferenza dell'Amore Cosmico (The Indifference of the Cosmic Love) (2021/2022)

for flauto d'amore or clarinet, or both, electronics and cosmic rays

SCORE (21:30), RECORDING Ginevra Petrucci, flauto d'amore; Gleb Kanasevich, clarinet, VIDEO

SCORE_FOLLOWER (video) - SCORE (10:00 version) 

Requiem (2021-2022)

for an unspecified number of performers (arbitrary duration)


1. Complexity Interactive Ensemble, Abby Pribisova – voice, tenor sax, clarinet, Gina Rae La Cerva – voice, percussion, Isa Ruiz – voice, accordeon, Mason Robison – voice, guitars, Nick Pelton – voice, keyboards, piano, Michael Garfield – voice, Chapman stick, and with the participation of the students of the Complexity Interactive Summer School 2021 of the Santa Fe Institute

VIDEO (with score)


2. Version for mixed ensemble with audience chorus (voices, flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, accordion and Tibetan bowl), 2022. Ginevra Petrucci, flute; Gleb Kanasevich, clarinet; David Felberg, violin; Laura Steiner, viola; James Holland, cello; Elaine diFalco, voice, accordion; Gina Rae La Cerva, speaking voice; with the participation of the audience. 


3. Version for mixed ensemble (voices, flute, clarinet, violin, piano, cello, marimba). Beth Stone, flute, Rowan Jones, clarinets, Toril Azzalini-Machecler, marimba, Emily Hoh, piano, Pietro Genova Gaia, violin, Shizuku Tatsuno, cello.


Tout ce qu’on perd (2020)

for speaking voice, flauto d’amore and flugelhorn after a poem by Hyam Yared (4’30”)


untitled (four.feel.title.words) (2020)

for 2 performers and electronics (15’40”)

1. Dew. Rust. Light. Flow (for flauto d’amore (or flute or alto flute) and electronics)

2. Mist. Iron. Cold. Pulse (for flauto d’amore (or alto flute or bass recorder) and bass recorder (or flauto d’amore or alto flute)

Rain. Steel. Hollow. Veil (for flauto d’amore (or flute or alto flute) and electronics)


La Forme de l’Océan (2019)

for SATB choir and multichannel audio, text by Jiang Hao after his poem 海的形状 (5’48”)


Le réseau de ton souvenir (2019)

suite for alto recorder


Meditation (2018)

for viola, voice and double bass (8:00)

SCORE, RECORDING (Kathleen Crabtree, viola, Justin Kujawski, contrabass, Morgan Horning, soprano), VIDEO

Un giro d'anello (2017)

six experiments for string quartet and fixed media (20:00)

SCORE, RECORDING (Mia Detwiler, Karim Ayala Pool, violins; Kathleen Crabtree, viola; Kourtney Newton, cello), VIDEO

on the resonance of the fog (2017)

miniature for flute and percussions (three performers) (1:30)

SCORE, RECORDING (Marco Buongiorno Nardelli, flute and percussions)

Trio (2010, rev. 2017)

for flute, violin (oboe) and cello (7:30)

SCORE, RECORDING (Marco Buongiorno Nardelli, flute, Katharine Hawthorne, oboe, Heather Spence, viola da gamba)

Ricercare (2015)

for flute, player piano, electronics and live data streams (4:15)

SCORE, RECORDING (Flute, Ieng Wai Wong, electronics, Marco Buongiorno Nardelli)

…et qua diversa moventur (2015)

for violin, clarinet and piano (5:40)


Amargosa Tryptich (2015)

for violin, clarinet and piano (5:40)


JXOverdrive (2015)

for bassoon quartet and electronics


Morning Moon (2012)

Works for ECCO LA MUSICA (Marco Buongiorno Nardelli, flutes, Jim Crew, piano, accordeon, clarinet, Ed Butler, drums, percussions, Aaron Bittikofer, bass):

1. Triste, solitario y final SCORE, RECORDING, VIDEO

2. The imagination of the tadpole SCORE, RECORDING

3. Sunset of the water jade SCORE, RECORDING

4. To think of you SCORE, RECORDING, VIDEO

5. Variations on a prayer SCORE, RECORDING

6. Morning moon SCORE, RECORDING

Tzolk'in (2010)

for three marimbas

SCORE, RECORDING, VIDEO (Volta Trio: Chris Clarino, Jonny Allen and Erik Lutters, marimbas)

Numeric counterpoints (2009)

for string quartet


Anninia, anninia (2007)

for female voice and piano (3:30)


Elementi in una variazione (2007)

for flute+piccolo, piano, percussion (two performers)


rain over tallin (dedication to Arvo Pärt) (2007)

for amplified piccolo (violin), two amplified flutes, percussion and electronic music on fixed media

SCORE, RECORDING (E. Codd, vl; K. Waters, C. Craig, fl; M. Buongiorno Nardelli, electronics; A. Shockley, conductor)

Finzione di interludio (2007)

Circle limits (II,III,IV) (2007)

for string quartet


Circle Limit III available also at CoMA

ossi di seppia (2006)

for flute and electronics

SCORE, RECORDING, VIDEO (Marco Buongiorno Nardelli, flute)

Canto notturno di un pastore errante dell'Asia (2006)

for flute and fixed media


Fragment (from Sappho) (2006)

for voice and bass clarinet


Eenie, Meene, Minie, Mo (2006)

four miniatures for flute, two violins and percussion



Mylar soundscape (2017)

fixed media loop


Contrappunto (2015)

for player piano and electronics


Elektrion (2016)

fixed media


Music for 88 keys (to Conlon Nancarrow, in memoriam) (2015)

for player piano and electronics (10:00)


Bamboo's ghost (2007)

fixed media


Two drones (Kaleida, Threnos) (2007)

fixed media


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